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Preacher Abdullah N. A.

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Don’t you Believe in Creator?

Assume a case: If you collect some wood and keep them together in a place for months or years, it will never become a chair or a table automatically. You have to give them proper shape by cutting them and fixing each separate part together. Again, the chair or the table will never be made unless you make a reason for building it. So we can say that, behind a creation there is a reason, and behind that reason there is a creator.

Assume a second case: If you believe that all the beings or objects on this earth are made from some root universal elements, surely there is some reason behind the creation of those root elements, and there must be a Creator who has planned that reason. In this way, if you assume that the planets are created from the sun, surely the sun has a Creator and some reason behind it’s creation.

Assume a third case: If you think that, this universe has been created automatically through some development period, then how can you explain the questions below:

  • Is it possible that, our ecological system (relationship and dependence among beings of this earth) has been created without any planning or a Planner?
  • How can it be possible that a large, flawless universe and this livable planet has been created automatically without any Creator?

That means, we can’t deny the fact that, this universe has been made by a Creator surely for some reason. Now, have you ever thought that:

  • If a Creator exists, doesn’t He has some reason for which He created the universe?
  • While the Creator has some reason behind creating us, shouldn’t we know those reasons, because we are involved with that Creator through those reasons?
  • When the Creator has a relation between us, doesn’t he keep any Way so that we can know Him and the build a relationship through that Way?
  • Shouldn’t we know about that way through which we can know that Creator, His will, and our relationship?

Let us know about the Creator, His will & our Relationship with the Creator

Suppose, a man lives on earth for about 100 years; 5 years he spend being child and knowing nothing; Then 15 years he runs behind study to learn something; Next 10 years he struggles to achieve a career; Later 50 years he strives to earn for his own and his family; And last 20 years he passes being old; Finally his existence gets erased from the earth. So what we do is:

  • We Study
  • We do Job and Business
  • We make Asset for us and our Family

And, finally when we die, the result comes as follows:

  • Our knowledge what we achieve becomes meaningless for us. We can’t use that anymore.
  • Our career, business and other everything sweep away with time.
  • We leave all our assets behind on this world. We neither can utilize those, nor can waste.

Now think about some questions deeply:

  • Why the Creator has sent us on this earth? What is the reason behind our birth? Is it just to survive for few years, and then to get abolished?
  • Is having a good career and making asset the main goal and success of our life? If it is so, then why the Creator has set only few years for our worldly life?
  • Why we can’t hold our worldly achievement and success for eternal life?
  • Why do we strive so hard for worldly things while these are for a limited time, and ultimately nothing will be ours?
  • Is there any life after this worldly life? If so, then is it necessary to know about that life?

There are such different questions which are unanswered. Different ways, doctrines and beliefs are around us about the Creator, Religion and Life. All these make us confused in every steps of their understanding. But, there is nothing to worry about it, as I will help you to understand all the facts from the Revelation of Almighty Creator step by step. Hope you will not be confused.